Full-service 360 performance reviews.

Stats and rankings don't tell the whole story.

Our mission is to help small teams capture detailed, honest, and tailored feedback to improve their organization.

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Easy 360 Reviews

Easy to use

Why make it complicated? No training or setup required.

Peer Written 360 Reviews

Human touch

A team of real people will compile each review.

Anonymous 360 Reviews


We write all report cards from scratch. No identifying language.

Constructive 360 Reviews


Redirect ill-natured comments into constructive criticism.

One Time 360 Reviews

No commitment.

One-time review cycle. Pay only for the reviews you administer.

Is this for you?

360 Review Cons

Not if you want:

  • A subscription software solution requiring year-round active employee engagement.
  • Complex report of rankings and statistics around broad topics.
  • Employee concern over how comments will be used, which interferes with their honesty.
  • One-size fits all plan, priced recurringly.
  • One-stop "employee effectiveness" software that offers more beyond reviews.
360 Review Pros

Yes, if you want:

  • A one-time performance review service.
  • Professionals to synthesize and write custom long-form feedback for each individual.
  • Confidentiality. We believe anonymity = honesty. Our writers compile each report in their own words.
  • Only plans for small businesses with up to 30 employees. Pay per employee.
  • No addons, just a performance review - plain and simple.

Our 4-Step Process

Get Started.

Provide (i) a list of employees and (ii) choose survey questions from our database.

Reviews are circulated to all employees.

We'll manage deadlines with email reminders.

You sit back.

Our team aggregates surveys and composes tailored report cards for each employee.

Report cards are distributed.

We distribute the final report cards using your preferred method: either direct to employee, or to a manager who prefers to review the report with each employee separately.

Sample Report Cards

Employee Example

Workplace Example

$150 per Employee
  • Includes Employee and Workplace Reviews

Up to 30 employees


360 Reviews Testimonial

Exceeded my expectations. This was the first time I did a performance review for my team (after launching 3+ years ago) and I'm glad we worked with Report Card Agency.

The process was very simple: each team member filled out reviews anonymously, and I got executive summaries which I shared with colleagues privately. Our workplace review also yielded several insights on how to improve overall morale and our workplace environment.

Ryan Kulp

- Founder, Fomo.com